70 Years of English Studies

The 70th anniversary of the University of Łódź coincides with the 70th anniversary of English studies in Łódź. The present publication offers a view of their development from a small Chair of English Language and Literature to a large Institute today. We describe the history and the current shape of the Institute, its academic achievements, figures of former and present staff members, as well as eminent graduates. All this makes up a picture of a place which has played a special role in the development of English studies across Poland. It may be no accident that Łódź, situated almost in the geographical centre of the country, has sent Anglicists to Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Olsztyn, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław and other cities all over Poland. Though it is impossible to mention all those who have contributed to the development of the Institute, we would like to present a somewhat subjective view of a place well-known in Poland and abroad for its numerous achievements.

Krzysztof Kosecki
Janusz Wróblewski