Zakład Dramatu i Dawnej Literatury Angielskiej


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2019: Literature and Media: Productive Intersections (zgłoszenia do 31 lipca 2019 r.)

2019: 3rd Medieval and Renaissance Symposium

2018: 27th PASE (Polish Association for the Study of English) Annual Conference

2018: 2nd Medieval and Renaissance Symposium

2017: 1st Medieval and Renaissance Symposium

2017: Experiment in Drama, Theatre, Film and Media

2016: Religious Topics in Fantastic Literature

2015: Negotiating Space for (Dis)ability in Drama, Theatre, Film and Media

2014: Supernatural Creatures: From Elf-Shot to Shrek

2013: Diversity and Homogeneity: Politics of Nation, Class, and Gender in Drama, Theatre, Film, and Media

2012: Basic Categories of Fantastic Literature Revisited

2011: Eroticism and Its Discontents

2009: Against and Beyond: Subversion and Transgression in Drama, Theatre, Film and Media

2007: Images of the City