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Linguistic Approaches to Funniness, Amusement and Laughter


4th International Symposium:

Theoretical Issues in Humour: Building Bridges across Disciplines


17-18 March 2016 

University of Łódź, Poland


Confirmed plenary speakers

Prof. Alexander Brock

Prof. Raymond Gibbs

Prof. Francisco Yus


Description and scope

Humour, inherently associated with funniness, amusement and laugher, has attracted scholarly interest for centuries. Over the past three decades, humour studies have been developing at full tilt, with numerous publications being released each year.

The first symposium of LAFAL, held in 2010, was focused on linguistic approaches to different types of humour. Selected papers presented at this conference were published in a peer-reviewed volume: Marta Dynel (ed.). 2011. The Pragmatics of Humour across Discourse Domains. P&BNS vol. 210, John Benjamins.

The second LAFAL symposium was the linguistic part of the 2012 International Society for Humour Studies Conference, held in Kraków.

The third LAFAL symposium, held in 2013, addressed the topic entertainment discourse beyond humour studies. A selection of papers by the participants appeared in a special issue of HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research.

The fourth LAFAL symposium (2016), entitled “Theoretical Issues in Humour: Building Bridges across Disciplines”, is convened to provide a forum for not only linguists but also researchers representing other disciplines (such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, culture studies, literature studies, and media studies) who are interested in concepts and issues of relevance to humour studies. The primary objective will be to explore multifarious humorous phenomena to enhance humour theory across a variety of scholarly disciplines.



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