Dear Students,

some of you have recently asked your tutors about the possibility to use the Faculty library during the quarantine. The decision to open the library belongs to the Rector and the Dean, not to the authorities of the Institute of English. However, being aware that limited access to resources might pose a problem to some of you, we have decided to undertake some measures in this respect. We will start by asking you to participate in a short survey  which will help us assess the scale of the problem. Next steps will depend on the results of the survey. Please, remember that we cannot guarantee any effects of our actions, as the final decision depends on University authorities and has to take into account other factors.

Nonetheless, we would like you to take two minutes of your time and complete the following survey (active until 3 May):

If you would like to seek assistance or advice concerning the process of studies in new circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you good health, positive energy and endurance.

Łukasz Bogucki, Magdalena Cieślak, Tomasz Dobrogoszcz (Head and Deputies of Institute of English)