Interview with Joseph Mydell, the actor of Royal Shakespeare Company, hosted by Alex Ramon.

Radio broadcast on the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. Featuring Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska, Agnieszka Łowczanin, Eliza Kącka and Agnieszka Pokojska.

Rector’s lecture “Mediatizing Hamlet” presented by prof. W. B. Worthen

Emma & Edvard. Love in times of solitude, Munch Museum, Oslo, Januuary 2017. Mieke Bal talks to prof. Dorota Filipczak, during the exibition opening. The full text of the interview was published in Text Matters in 2017.

Interview with prof. Joanna Nijakowska and Marcin Podogrodzki published in journal Języki Obce w szkole

Interview with Magdaleną Cieślak Ph.D during events commemorating the 400th anniversary of Williama Shakespeare’s death.

News report broadcasted on TVP Łódź on the 70th anniversary of the opening of Department of English Studies, UoL – 20.09.2015

On 28 May, 2015 Judit Kormos (Lancaster University) and Joanna Nijakowska (University of Łódź) ran a webinar on Successful inclusion for dyslexic students in the English language classroom offered by the British Council as a part of the EnglishAgenda CPD webinars. You can watch the webinar recording here.

Dr Piotr Spyra presents academic principles of the book “The Epistemological Perspective of The Pearl-Poet”

An excerpt from the lecture presented by Charles Bernstein on 25 November 2014 at the Institute of English Studies UoL more

Exhibition catalogue “Łódź Szekspirowi w 450. rocznicę urodzin”

Interview with prof. Jerzym Jarniewiczem in programme Xięgarnia, TVN24

part 1
part 2

Documentary on the visit of prof. John Searle at UoL
at the invitation of Department of Pragmatics


Radio broadcast on Polish National Language Corpus featuring dr hab. Piotr Pęzik