(Medieval and Renaissance Symposium)

is an annual conference organized by the Centre for Studies in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature, University of Łódź


Call for papers 2021

Łódź, 23.11.2021


The fifth MARS symposium looks towards the medieval and postmedieval (Early Modern) period in the history of English (and Western) culture. We are above all interested in papers that spell out the nature of the relationship of their subject of choice with the categories of the Middle Ages and / or Renaissance. We welcome papers that deal specifically with this problem as well as case studies of particular works, artists and thinkers. Apart from the great masters, we are interested in marginal, and historically liminal texts. How useful (or useless) the categories of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are for a critical appreciation of particular texts of culture and historical events is, roughly speaking, the subject of MARS 2021. But we welcome also papers dealing with works inspired by the culture of the Old West and written much later.

Organizing committee:
Professor Andrzej Wicher (chair)
dr Joanna Matyjaszczyk (secretary)
dr Piotr Spyra

The conference program is available here: MARS 5 program

The conference will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform. To join the meeting click here.


Conference programs for MARS 1-4 are available below: