Students choose three Proseminars. Registration will commence on Wednesday 14th October at 8pm and will close on Friday 16th October at 11.59 pm. In order to register students access the following website: .
Please refer to the timetable in order to ensure that the classes of your choice do not overlap.

Course descriptions are available here.

There are limits to the maximum number of students in groups. If the group of your choice is already full, please choose another one.

The proseminars of the following teachers will be taught in the Faculty of Philology building: dr P. Spyra, prof. T. Dobrogoszcz/prof. M. Cieślak, prof. J. Kruczkowska, prof. I. Witczak-Plisiecka, prof. M. Deckert. All other proseminars will be taught online.