Registration will commence on April 19 at 8pm and will close on April 21 at 11.59 pm.

Students choose one of three courses:

– For the teaching specialty: „Podstawy psychologii dla nauczycieli”

– For the translation specialty: “Teoria przekładu 1”

– For the second language specialty: “PNJN, PNJF, PNJW, PNJH”

For more information about the teaching specialty, please contact dr Weronika Szubko-Sitarek.

For more information about the translation specialty, please contact dr Paulina Pietrzak. Please note that you must have a native or near-native command of Polish in order to successfully take part in the classes of the translation specialty.

If you select the second language specialty, make sure you choose the second language that you chose in the first year (changing the language is not possible).

Please note also that is it possible to choose two specialties and complete both in the course of your studies. Because this requires the student to earn extra ECTS points, the University of Lodz requires that the student pay 400 PLN (once only).

To register for two specialties, please register for one electronically, and write an email to informing the heads of the Institute about your wish to sign up for the other one (please send your email no later than April 22).