Level: Author Title Tutor
BA Sylwia Karasińska A corpus based comparative analysis of passive constructions and the impersonal pronoun ‘man’ in Old English dr hab. Anna Cichosz, prof. UŁ
BA Tomasz Kredowski ‘Nu’ – adverb of time or interjection? Characterising functions of Old English ‘nu’ on the basis of corpus data dr hab. Anna Cichosz, prof. UŁ
MA Małgorzata Maiorana Language meets picture: a cognitive linguistic study dr hab. Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka, prof. UŁ
BA Julia Gawin Fantastic Translations and How to Create Them – strategies for translating proper names in fantasy fiction based on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series dr hab. Mikołaj Deckert, prof. UŁ
BA Krzysztof Hejduk Attention allocation: a case study on selected video game elements in the context of translational decision-making processes dr hab. Mikołaj Deckert, prof. UŁ



Level Author Title Tutor
BA Monika Śliwecka Psychological Puzzle Films: Distorted Realities of Memento and The Machinist dr Marta Goszczyńska
MA Krystian Misiak Techniki filmowe w ‘God of War’ dr hab. Magdalena Cieślak
MA Kamila Jasiak The Figure of the Witch in the 2oth Century Based on Selected Works of Arthur Miller and Erica Jong dr hab. Alicja Piechucka
MA Zuzanna Goździk The Female and Female Sexuality in the Poety of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath and Patricia Lockwood dr hab. Alicja Piechucka
BA Krzysztof Owczarek Nature Imagery in the Poetry by Robert Frost as a Reflection of Various Aspects of Human Life dr hab. Małgorzata Myk