A collage by Ladan Farah Bakhsh

The environmental crisis that we face now, problems such as deforestation, air pollution, climate change, waste production, and so on, is the effect that humankind is having on the environment. Although hundreds of studies have been directed to prove this fact, it seems like we have only become numb towards these issues. At this point, we appear to be engrossed in our hectic daily routines to an extent that we have become ignorant towards issues that happen to endanger our lives and future generations. The only light of hope left is in the hands of the young, who show signs of care and sensibility towards mother earth and seem to be more concerned about environmental health when compared to their older counterparts.

In my project, I intended to highlight their importance and give voice to their annoyance by showing the gap between older individual’s lower levels of concern compared to children’s high concern for the environment. By making some modifications, drawbacks of modern societies can be alleviated and protected, but first, we should make society realize that environmental protection is an essential cooperative responsibility.