These outstanding pieces of artwork are the projects prepared by MA students of the Institute of English Studies. In their winter semester, as part of the creative writing project, they wrote plays under the supervision of dr Katarzyna Ojrzyńska. This semester, those plays served as a starting point and inspiration for creative artistic projects. Three of the projects – One Step at a Time by Hortense Gambino, Greener Than You by Ladan Farah Bakhsh, and Winds of Change by Marta Furman – are closely related to the plays, and the authors recommend reading the plays alongside with watching their artwork. Filip Jędraszczyk’s The Machine is an independent project.

The projects were supposed to take any creative form the student wished, keeping the writing element only in the background. The result are four different formulas: a film, a collage, a graphic novel, and a photo triptych. What those projects share is an interest in the immediate world around it, with its environmental problems, even if the ways in which the projects reflect upon those are diverse and ambiguous. Project statements below, as well as the source plays, may help you see what the artists wish to communicate, but, as with any artwork, the point is to invite you to dialogue with the works in your own ways.

Another thing the projects share is that they are tangible manifestations of the amazing creative potential and enthusiasm of the students. They are personal and autonomous works of exceptional and talented minds. I wish to express my deepest admiration for all the artists involved, and my gratitude for their willingness to embark on that challenging journey with me.

We wish you to take that journey with us now. Watch, read, think, and enjoy.


Project supervisor,

Magda Cieślak


by Ladan Farah Bakhsh


by Hortense Gambino


by Marta Furman


by Filip Jędraszczyk