A graphic novel by Hortense Gambino

In our ever modernizing era, people seem to have grown less and less attached; social media and other means of communication have taken the most part of our daily lives and people don’t interact with each other as much as they used to. People share their ideas behind screens without facing others, which may not appear as genuine as confronting people face to face. In this light, we can still see how people rally more and more to different causes in order to help saving what can still be saved: the environment, people, animals.

In my project, I tried to illustrate how activism may be perceived but, most importantly, how two people from different horizons can bond around the topic without the means of modern technology. The story follows Alexandria Woods, a famous retired environment activist, who is haunted by the mysterious death of her partner. One day, she meets Clarke, who, in spite of trying her best, is an unsuccessful human-rights activist.