Dear Students,

with regard to the message from the Dean, Prof. Jabłkowska, published on the Faculty’s website in late July, I would like to address the issue of the educational process in the ensuing academic year.

As you learned from Prof. Jabłkowska message, following current instructions from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Faculty will resume on-site teaching from October. Only few classes, including lectures, will be held on-line (in specific time slots, allowing students to return home from on-site classes).

It is therefore necessary that all students should be prepared for joining the classes in the Faculty building. I recommend that all students take necessary steps to arrange accommodation in Łódź.

I would like to assure you that the university authorities will take utmost care to organize the teaching process in a safe manner, following all sanitary precautions. Most lecturers have already been vaccinated. It is also recommended that students consider their own vaccinations before October.

Hoping to see you in real life, in October,

Tomasz Dobrogoszcz

Head of the Institute of English Studies