Zaproszenie na wykład prof. Haraia Golomba

Single Text, Multiple Perspectives: The Case of Amadeus

Professor Harai Golomb (emeritus)

Theatre Department, Faculty of Arts, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

27 March 2018, room 2.07, 13.30-15


Amadeus — the play by Peter Shaffer and the film based on it, directed by Miloš Forman — evokes a rich and heterogeneous ‘field’ of relevant textual, thematic, cultural and conceptual associations, all potentially intersecting in this work. These potential associations relate to such diverse and seemingly unconnected fields as theology and biblical studies, aesthetics and the study of the arts (with special reference to music, theatre and cinema), history, psychology, etc. (this is just a partial list).

The interaction between the integrity and homogeneity of the single work as such, on the one hand, and the exceptional diversity and heterogeneity of the conceptual and associative aura around it, on the other hand, will be approached through the analysis of selected excerpts from the film.


Prof. Harai GOLOMB, PhD (Emeritus)

Born in Israel (1939). A holder of PhD in Literary Theory/ Comparative Literature, MA in Music Theory, and BA in Hebrew Linguistics and Literature. In 2009 Prof. Golomb retired from his position at Tel-Aviv University’s Faculty of Arts, having taught in four of its Departments. In forty years of academic career he published, taught and lectured in many universities and international conferences around the globe. In the field of translation he is a theorist/analyst as well as practitioner: now he is engaged in translating Chekhov’s major plays into Hebrew, having published a seminal book on the poetics of these plays. In his studies of the concept of complexity in temporal and performative arts he has been analysing and contrasting the artistic systems of such central figures as Shakespeare, Chekhov, Bach, Mozart and Palestrina, and the Hebrew poet Natan Alterman (1910-1970).